Communication: Why the Method Matters

The age of technology has brought about new methods of communication—social media, email, texting, messaging, etc. Some may argue these mediums are simpler and more efficient. However, oftentimes traditional methods win out. When it comes to communication, nothing will ever beat a good, old-fashioned conversation.  People are an organization’s most costly—and most valuable—asset. That’s why at WMI, we recognize the importance of conversations when it comes to our executive search process. Here are a few reasons why we consider this the only way to execute superior recruiting and consulting.

Saves Time. Conversations work best when there is a rapid flow of feedback.  Having a live conversation means less time is spent getting to the bottom line. Additional questions can be addressed immediately instead of waiting hours or days for a response.  Speaking one-on-one is simply a more efficient method of communication.

Builds Relationships.   Interaction is the key to building a meaningful, long-lasting relationship.  When speaking face-to-face, or even over the phone, communication is clearer and more relational.  Conversations build trust and credibility, while also establishing integrity.  We make the time for live conversations with both clients and candidates because we value the relationship and know that people are worth the time.  

Minimizes Misunderstandings. Digital communication methods omit tonality and subtle cues that guide a conversation.  The recipient is left interpreting word choice, punctuation, and timeliness based on personal experience.  A verbal conversation affords the opportunity for clarity and minimizes the risk of misinterpreting the communication which brings about unnecessary obstacles and delays.

Improves Awareness. Communication is a necessary skill for every position we fill.  A candidate who is unable to effectively communicate with a search consultant is most likely unsuitable for the prospective position. Our 25+ years of experience provide us with a keen ability to discern a candidate’s verbal acuity simply by having a conversation with him/her.

Offers Freedom. During a live conversation, clients and candidates can speak freely without being concerned about confidentiality issues that come with electronic transmissions.  Once trust and credibility are established, a live conversation provides a safe and secure setting that offers freedom for transparency.

Digital communication methods may appear to be easier, less invasive and more efficient.  However, when it comes to finding the right people for your team, conversations are essential to the process.  As talent needs arise in your department and you began to evaluate partners to aid you in executive search, consider the process of each one.  You may find that even your internal team does not appreciate the rich value of a live conversation.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want the position to be filled quickly and efficiently?
  • Do I want to work with a trusted partner with whom I can be transparent and build a long-term relationship for future needs?
  • Do I want a partner with experience who knows how to effectively evaluate a candidate in a timely manner?

At Wyndham Mills International, we desire to walk alongside our clients in the recruitment process.  We choose to have real conversations with you and listen to your challenges and needs.  Our CEO offers a limited number of free strategy sessions each month because he genuinely wants to get to know you and help you any way he can. Contact us to book your no-strings-attached appointment today!


You may see recruiting and developing leaders as a problem. To us, it is an opportunity. We have assisted hundreds of satisfied clients. We look forward to assisting you as well.