The Tight Job Market: This is Your Wake-Up Call

Increasing demand for talent in an increasingly tight job market means companies must wake up, take note and be proactive. We see the forecasts, the continual rise in numbers, the warnings blasted across our news feeds.  Yet, so many are content to sit back on their laurels with their proverbial blinders on.  It’s time to make some adjustments or you will find yourself in a bad place, wondering how you got there. More and more candidates are sharing how fed up they are with how they are being treated. Companies should be working on the user experience as a differentiator that will ultimately provide a competitive edge in this war for talent.

Organizations have the opportunity to distinguish themselves throughout every step of the hiring process.  There is a strong correlation between customers and candidates, meaning both your employer brand and consumer brand are a factor.  Digital presence, market position, culture and values, customer service and reputation all affect the candidate experience. However, it’s the personal point of contact that gives the candidate the opportunity to see how the company really operates.  The hiring process should be a reflection of the company’s responsiveness, as well as its respect of the worth of individuals. Here are a few tips for creating a positive candidate experience during the tight job market:

  • Respond Quickly. In tight job markets, candidates are often reluctant about seeking a new job in the first place. They may not be completely confident that they are ready to make a career move, especially if they are comfortable and well-compensated in their current job. Failure to respond quickly (within 48 hours) communicates a lack of organization or high level of bureaucracy that may deter a candidate from continuing through the process.
  • Court the Candidate. Put your best foot forward during every step of the process. Be the employer of choice. Invite candidates to lunch or have them sit in on a team meeting. Go the extra mile and flatter them with your attention. Even if you end up not hiring the candidate, the company’s reputation and brand is on the line. Always show respect for the candidate by keeping meetings, timelines and being prepared.
  • Communicate. Communicate. Be open and honest about the process, the steps involved and the timing. Silence makes a candidate feel unimportant and unwanted. If the process is delayed, communicate the reason to the candidate and assure them you are still interested.
  • Don’t be a Cheapskate. It’s a candidate’s market which means it is the not the time to nickel and dime offers.  Demand drives compensation and you must be ready to make your best offer upfront. Your offer of both compensation and benefits should be a reflection of your commitment to the candidate.

The Bottom Line

The solution to creating a positive candidate experience during the tight job market is really quite simple. Consider for a moment how you treat a prospective customer.  Do you hold out to give them your best offer? Do you wait days or weeks to respond to their email or social inquiry?  Or do you flatter your customers by making them feel like they are your #1 and only customer? Treat your candidates like you treat your customers.  Give them the same customer service. Keep the same promises. Your hiring process is a reflection of your organization.  Do you know how your candidates are treated or are you leaving that to your HR team?  At the end of the day, it’s your candidate.  Be sure your organization leaves a favorable impression. The integrity of your brand and the success of your team depend on it.

At Wyndham Mills International, we desire to walk alongside our clients in the recruitment process.  We choose to have real conversations with you, listen to your needs and find the candidate who is ready to propel your organization forward.  We would love the opportunity to get to know you and your needs.  We can talk about the tight job market, candidate expectations, executive search compensation demands, leadership development, retention, succession planning or recruitment.  Let’s get to know each other now so we are prepared to take the necessary action when a need arises. Give us a call today. 


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