What is Keeping You Up at Night?

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being. Getting enough quality sleep affects physical health, mental health and quality of life.  The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reports that several nights of losing sleep—even a loss of just 1-2 hours per night—affects your ability to function and be productive.

A leadership study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership revealed that one in four executives report that work-related issues interfere with their sleep. While many leaders say they can’t stop thinking about a problem at work, a deeper probe reveals that often the issue is with work-life balance. Given the current conditions of the job market, coupled with the challenges many hiring managers face today, there’s a good chance some of these issues are keeping you up at night.



The job market is tight. With a myriad of options for top candidates, hiring managers must identify the competitive edge to both retain and attract top performers.  Have you suffered personally due to open positions? Are you nurturing your top performers to ensure they stay with you?


The best people will not be available long. In today’s market, timing is everything. Therefore, you must be ready with offers and decisions in order to act quickly.  Candidates are not willing to wait on your internal team who may take weeks to reply. The majority of candidates are passive, meaning they don’t need you.  If your internal team is unable to move swiftly, consider an external partner who is trained to find, attract and secure top-performing candidates.



The CEO of a recent WMI client shared that over 60% of his leadership team is over the age of 58.  This generation of leaders is on the way out and the new generation is a whole new ballgame.  Are you worried about the future of your leadership team? Do you know how many people will be retiring in the next 5-10 years? Is this a priority for you?


Evaluate your current workforce. Who is nearing retirement?  How will their exit affect the company? Create a strategy for mature workers by developing benefits to attract older team members to work longer. Craft a plan for the future. Retirement is inevitable which means a succession plan is critical.  If necessary, engage with an external adviser. Have a trusted partner ready to step in when a gap appears.



Critical positions that remain open for an unusual amount of time have both personal and professional impacts.  Trying to fill the workload gap of an open position impacts your effectiveness.  Being stretched thin between two jobs means you are unable to do either job well. These additional responsibilities often lead to longer hours, inability to take your mind off work and ultimately lost time in your personal life.


Review the hiring process.  Is the approach proactive or reactive?  Who or what is causing the delays? Where is the breakdown?  Is there an urgency to fill the position?  Is there a need for confidentiality?  Does filling this position require competitive intelligence or an industry expert?  If any of these needs are relevant, consider engaging with an external recruiter for assistance in filling the position.



Many hiring managers feel they have lost control of hiring.  You may be unsure of the process, the strategy, the approach, the time to fill, where the internal team is looking for candidates, how candidates are treated, the image of the brand, the requirements of candidates, etc.


Take charge. As the hiring manager, you are the one who can change the dynamic and regain control. After all, it’s your time, your career, your professional responsibility and your personal life.  An external resource can be valuable in this situation as well. Professional search partners are experts in effective hiring processes. We have the keys to the most effective strategy and approach to finding and attracting top performers. A good firm will be a trusted adviser who helps you find the right people in the right amount of time.


If we are honest with ourselves, we will all admit that sometimes work keeps us up at night. As dedicated professionals, we are committed to being an asset to those we serve. We care about our work and that’s where the focus should be.  As outlined above, there are solutions to the challenges associated with finding top performers. It just requires a new strategy and approach. You can attract top talent.  You can improve the image of your brand. You can affect how candidates are treated. You can spend more time with you family. And best of all, you can get a better night’s sleep. The question is, are you ready to make a change?

At Wyndham Mills International, we desire to walk alongside our clients in the recruitment process.  We choose to have real conversations with you and listen to your challenges and needs.  Our CEO offers a limited number of free strategy sessions each month. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing any present or future needs. We are here to help. 


You may see recruiting and developing leaders as a problem. To us, it is an opportunity. We have assisted hundreds of satisfied clients. We look forward to assisting you as well.