Making the Right Choice: Boutique Search Firm vs. Mega-Firm

Senior leaders can make or break a company.  Various studies show that the failure rate of executives coming into new companies is 30-40% after 18 months. In a tough hiring market, like the one we’re currently experiencing, finding a true game-changing leader is extremely challenging.  Furthermore, making a hiring mistake is extremely costly in terms of both direct and indirect costs.  So how do you find those top-performers? You must first acknowledge that internal recruiters do not have the tools or abilities to fill these most critical positions.  Only a trusted, skilled expert can lead you to the right candidate.  Once you recognize that an external search professional is needed, you must then decide whom to work with, ensuring you are making the right choice.  You are likely familiar with some of the well-known mega-firms, but we recommend taking a closer look at boutique firms before making your decision.   Here are just a few ways these types of organizations differ:

Flexibility of Approach & Process

A boutique firm has the flexibility to offer you services designed to meet your unique needs. Solutions fashioned to address each client’s unique challenges and opportunities leads to the results you expect. An agile process allows time for listening, connecting, coaching and advising. The rigid process of a mega firm who is trying to complete numerous searches at once limits creativity in the execution of a search. Boutique firms understand that every company and every job is different and each one needs to be addressed uniquely.

Client and Candidate Experience

Unlike boutique firms, larger firms divide the client and candidate experience into isolated functions. Typically, a refined salesperson closes the ‘sale’ and then the work is passed off to a junior staff member. This associate lacks the first-hand experience with you—the client. They also have limited experience meaning they bring a narrow perspective to the candidate process. These are the people telling your story in the marketplace.

A boutique firm will invest in learning your culture, talent needs, and EI requirements. The senior partner that works with you from the onset of the search will lead the process, speaking to every prospective candidate on your behalf. In a tight job market, where candidates have the upper hand, whom do you want telling your story?

Candidate Resources

Large search firms have a limited pool of candidates due to restrictions of contractual obligations and policies dictated by the large companies with which they engage.  Boutique firms have fewer off-limits constraints, opening up the pool of available talent resources.  Greater access to the talent marketplace puts boutique firms at an advantage of finding the right leader for your organization.

Why Wyndham

At Wyndham Mills International, we don’t do job placements.  Placement focuses on resumes and filling empty seats.  Our focus is on aligning companies with top-performing leaders who are game-changers. Our process is purposeful, methodical and empathetic for each client and candidate. Our pursuit is finding exceptional leaders who are qualified, motivated and willing. Our passion is to become your trusted adviser by providing exceptional service and delivering expedient and profitable results.  Our President & CEO genuinely enjoys helping people with their business growth strategies. He offers a limited number of strategy sessions each month to answer your questions and address your needs.  He will even help you put together a specific plan that will help you find and attract the right candidates.  No fees, no sales pitch, no strings attached.  Please visit his calendar to schedule a time or contact us to learn more.


You may see recruiting and developing leaders as a problem. To us, it is an opportunity. We have assisted hundreds of satisfied clients. We look forward to assisting you as well.